Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

Tax Collector

Debra Marchetti, Tax Collector 
dmarchetti@middletownnj.org 732-747-0241 Ext. *214

Melissa Abrahamsen, Assistant CFO
mabrahamsen@fhboro.net 732-747-0241 Ext. *210

Debbie Ozut, Finance and Tax Clerk
dozut@fhboro.net,  732-747-0241 Ext. *214



The Tax Collector is charged with the responsibility for receiving and collecting all taxes and assessments both current and delinquent. The Office of the Tax Collector bills and collects taxes quarterly. Taxes are due February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.

A ten-day grace period to the 10th of the month is allowed by resolution of the Mayor and Council after which interest is charged from the first day of the month in which payments are due. For example, the First Quarter taxes are due on February 1 each year. If payments are received after February 10, interest is retroactive to the original due date of February 1 as per New Jersey Statue 54:4-66.

Taxpayers are urged to read all of the information contained on the front and the back of their tax bills. Please note that according to New Jersey State Law, failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt a property owner from payment of taxes. Tax bills are mailed annually, usually during the first 2 weeks of July. If you do not receive your tax bill by July 31st, please contact the Tax Office.

If you are mailing a check to pay your taxes, please be certain that you are paying the amount for the correct quarter. If you would like a receipt, please send the entire tax bill with your check and include a self addressed stamped envelope. Your bill will be receipted and mailed back to you. If you do not desire a receipt, then mail the property stub and check. Please make checks payable to the Borough of Fair Haven.

It is important to note that the municipal taxes are only a portion of a Borough of Fair Haven property taxpayer's obligation. Two other separate government entities, Monmouth County Government and the Fair Haven Local and Rumson Fair Haven Regional School Districts , develop and adopt their own budgets funded by property taxes. However, New Jersey's Fiscal Laws require the Municipal Government of Fair Haven to serve as a billing and collection agency for all three separate entities.

Tax Rate
The 2019 Apportionment of Taxes is as follows:

Municipal Taxes                                        $0.372
County Budget $0.240
County Library Budget $0.017
District School Budget $0.831
Regional School Budget $0.337
County Open Space Fund $0.028