The Department of Finance is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and provides for the coordination of all the Borough's fiscal operations. It controls budgetary expenditures, administers the Borough's debt and cash management programs, prepares year-end financial statements and makes recommendations to the Borough Administrator and Borough Council with regard to financial policy.

The Borough's excellent financial management practices and fiscal responsibility are reflected in its "AA+" bond rating from Standard and Poor's.

Within the Department of Finance are the following divisions: Assessments, Tax Collection, and Treasurer

Division of Assessment

Headed by a Certified Tax Assessor, this division is responsible for determining the fair market value of every parcel of real property in the Borough and maintaining assessment records for each. For more information regarding property assessments and/or appeals please contact the Certified Tax Assessor.

Division of Tax Collection & Treasurer

This division works closely with the Tax Assessor and is headed by a Certified Tax Collector who prepares tax bills, maintains an accounting of all tax collections and enforces the collection of delinquent taxes through foreclosure of municipal tax liens and municipal tax sales. The Borough's Tax Collector has put together an information page to address the most frequently asked questions about property taxes in the Borough.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Colleen Lapp CFO
Melissa Abrahamsen Assistant CFO (732) 747-0241, ext. *210
James Banahan Council Liaison