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Mission Statement

The mission of the Fair Haven Tax Assessor’s Office is, and will forever be, to continue our efforts to maximize all services to the community which we are hired to serve. This includes, but is not limited to areas of deductions, exemptions, assessment appeals, and any and all inquiries about the assessment function. As statutorily stated a primary goal each year is to strive to maintain as accurate and equitable assessments as possible throughout the Borough.

Fair Haven  Borough 2021 20% inspections

The Borough of Fair Haven is under contract with Realty Data Systems (RDS) to inspect a designated portion of all properties located in the Borough each year. These inspections are required by NJ State Tax Law, as part of the Monmouth County Assessment Demonstration Project. The information obtained through these inspections will enable the Borough to maintain accurate property records that are used to complete annual reassessments, which are a critical component in the fair distribution of taxes. 

A notification has been mailed to all property owners subject to an inspection this year, which contained instructions for contacting RDS to complete a “remote virtual” (RV) interior inspection that requires no entry into your home.

The RV is user-friendly, requires no app downloads and can be completed by calling (732) 719-2265 from your smart phone at any time between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday (no appointments required).  Please make sure you are at your property when calling.

Inspectors will also visit the designated properties to conduct a full exterior (front and rear) inspection which includes photographs. During that visit, an interior walkthrough will be offered, if an RV has not previously been completed. During walkthroughs inspectors will respect social-distancing and wear masks when inside any property. If you do not want an inspector to enter your home, you will again receive printed instructions for completing an RV.  

Property visits will take place between 9am and dusk, Monday-Saturday, and all personnel will carry photo ID.  The RDS office and the Fair Haven Police Department possess all inspector background and other pertinent information.

Following RDS’ visit to all designated properties, a final mailing will be made to all property owners who have not yet completed an interior inspection.  While physical walkthroughs will not be scheduled after that time, RV inspections will continue to be available for a limited period.

If for any reason you would like to refuse an interior inspection, please visit, click “Appointments” and select the REFUSAL FORM. 

Please note that if an interior inspection is not completed, the Borough’s Tax Assessor may need to make estimates that could result in an inaccurate property record or tax assessment, and Monmouth County may limit your rights during any assessment appeal.

For a full list of properties to be inspected please “click here”

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and if you have any questions, feel free to call Borough Hall at 732-747-0241, *213.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Supreme Court Order Extending Tax Appeal

Contact Info
Phone: (732) 747-0241 ext. *213
748 River Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704
United States

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*New Offering For Assessment Review…

If you believe your assessment records are incorrect or there is a problem with your assessed value Please see below* TIARA (Taxpayer Informal Assessment Review Application) 
If you, as a taxpayer in Monmouth County believe that the current assessment is inaccurate, TIARA provides you with the ability to register within the Tax Board Portal and submit a pre-tax year request to have your assessment reviewed by the Assessor. The system will have secure registration, property selection, email event notification and the ability to attach/upload documents/photographs in support of the claim. TIARA is meant to be a proactive public service that seeks to address assessment concerns BEFORE they become binding on the municipality.
To Access TIARA click here: Tax Board Portal
*Please note this is only available following the certification of the current tax year’s tax list (around May 5th) and before the commencement of the reassessment in September.  Any data or assessed value changes will only be applicable for the following year’s assessment.

Assessment Post Cards and Property record cards

Please select this Link to access Monmouth County Tax Board’s record search system. Please note, you have to select the proper district in Step 3 (Fair Haven). Then you can look up by Location, Ownership, or Block and Lot. Submit search, then click on “more info” on the property, From here you will be able to see ModIV assessment data, and have tabs for Assessment Postcards, or Property Card.

Property Tax Deductions

The State of New Jersey offers a property tax deduction for qualified seniors, 100% disabled persons, veterans and their widows or widowers. Applications are available below and at the Assessor's office.. Completed applications can be mailed to the Assessor's office, 748  River Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704.

Senior Citizens Deduction $250

Disabled Deduction $250

Veteran Deduction $250

100% Property Tax Exemption

  • The dwelling of a disabled veteran or surviving spouse / surviving civil union partner / surviving domestic partner of a disabled veteran or serviceperson may be eligible for exemption.
  • Income and ownership requirements are the same as the original deduction.
  • The deceased spouse had to be eligible for the deduction at the time of death and the surviving spouse must not have remarried.
  • Download the exemption application.

State Property Tax Benefits

There is also a brochure available from the State of New Jersey that provides an overview of property tax benefits.


General Information

Tax Assessment Appeals - Filed November 1st thru January 15th

Tax Collectors - (732) 747-0241 ext. *214

The County Board of Taxation - (732) 431-7404 can also answer questions on your appeal

Tax Board Portal (for electronic filing of Income and Expense)


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Gregory T. Hutchinson Assessor, CTA/CPE (732) 747-0241, ext. *213