UPDATE on Brush and Leaf Pick-Up for April

UPDATE on Brush and Leaf Pick-Up for April


Dear Borough Residents:

As of today, the Borough’s DPW has completed an early brush and leaf sweep in Zones B and C and they will now resume the regular spring pickup schedule, as follows: 

·      Zone A - Brush and Leaves - Starting on Monday, April 6th. 
·      Zone B - Brush and Leaves - Starting on Monday, April 13th.
·      Zone C - Brush and Leaves - Starting on Monday, April 20th. 

Please have your brush and leaves placed as close to the curb as possible, by Sunday night of your pickup week. Once the DPW crew has gone down your street during your pickup week, they will not return again, until your next designated week in May.

As I reported to you last week, some residents continue to ask why they can’t just place brush and leaves to the curb whenever they want, which is a fair question. The answer is multi-faceted, but mainly it centers on limited manpower and equipment that is shared for a variety of DPW functions. Fair Haven has eight (8) full-time laborers in our Public Works Department and they deliver a full range of services throughout the Borough, all year long. 

Please also keep in mind that the current coronavirus emergency declaration, adds an entirely new dimension to managing and delivering all Borough services. We must be prepared to deliver essential services, even with the possibility that staffing may be reduced due to illness and/or quarantine. We must also be prepared to take on services that are presently being performed by private contractors, such as trash and recycling collection, should the contractor’s employees be unable to report to work. 

Now more than ever, it is critical that all brush and leaves be placed for pickup in accordance with the published schedule and regulations of the Borough. After the pickup period has passed and the streets have been cleaned, no additional debris may be placed curbside until the next scheduled pickup. Aside from detracting from the appearance of our Borough, debris left in the streets impedes the flow of stormwater and exacerbates flood conditions. It also causes traffic and safety hazards for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, at a time when people are trying to walk and bike, while maintaining social distancing. As such, we are asking all residents to please be considerate of your neighbors and your community, by willingly cooperating with the published schedule and making sure that your landscaper does so also. 

I thank you for your anticipated cooperation and, as always, I welcome your input, comments, and suggestions.  Feel free to email me at tcasagrande@fhboro.net . I may not answer you immediately, but I assure you that I will read every email and I will respond to you as soon as practical. 

Best regards,
Theresa Casagrande, Fair Haven Borough Administrator