Zoning Official & Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning and the Homeowner:

Some construction permits, specifically those which involve changes to the exterior of a property such as additions, fences, pools, decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, generators, driveways and sheds require a zoning review before a permit is issued. The homeowner will be asked to submit a Zoning Permit Application to the Zoning Officer so that he can review the project for compliance with the Zoning Ordinances.

The Borough of Fair Haven is split into multiple zoning districts each with its own particular Area, Yard and Building Requirements (Table C) [Area, Yard and Building Requirements (Table C) such as front, side and rear yard setbacks; building and lot coverage; maximum habitable floor area; structure height; etc. To locate which Zone your property is in, you can click on this link to version of the Borough Zoning Map, call the Zoning Office, or come down to the Zoning Office and see one of us.

To determine the requirements and limitations that apply in a particular zoning district, the home owner may purchase a copy of the Zoning Ordinance, purchase copies of specific pages of the code, review a copy of the Zoning Ordinance on the Borough website under the Municipal Code link, or make an appointment to meet with someone in the Zoning Office. You can also find quick links to frequently searched sections of the code below.

If the homeowner can not comply with the Zoning Ordinance for any reason, a variance must be obtained from the Zoning Board of Adjustment before the project can proceed. The Zoning Officer is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Zoning Ordinance, and may not waive those requirements. That power is granted by law to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. If the project does require a variance, the Zoning Officer will explain the application process to you.

Zoning Permit Application Process

If you have any further questions, please contact one of the Zoning Office personnel listed above.

Staff Contacts

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Nick Poruchynsky Zoning Official (732) 747-0241, ext. *217